UrbConcept - Access Series

The widespread attention to the issue of accessibility and impaired mobility, in parallel with the inherent changes in legislative and regulatory framework has posed new questions to all stakeholders in the construction of public space. Granital believes the new requirements contribute to a significant increase in the quality of public spaces.

The Urb Concept, integrated system of urban furniture, flooring and accessories , now includes a sub-collection - Access Series - oriented to this theme.
Includes taticle flooring paving - warning of danger in black granite and route indicators with yellow grooves in relief; horizontal signage - composed by a set of pictograms and directional arrows in low relief (3mm) with black paint and the overall light gray environment (White silver); pedestrian crosswalk "kit" - application of taticle paving at pedestrian crossings approach in conjunction with pavement and curbs modules, designed in order to meet the maximum gradient of 8% recommended by ISO/TR 22411:2008 standard; inclusive bench - bench with armrest; dual drinking fountain - drinking fountain usable by children and people in wheelchairs; and Taco and Split floors that favor accessibility keeping the spirit of traditional sidewalk.

Urbconcept - Access Series
UrbConcept - Access Series The widespread attention to the issue of...