Why is UrbConcept an integrated system of urban furniture, accessories and pavements?

Because the same primary material ( natural stone ) can be implemented either in pieces of street furniture and accessories, either on the pavements of streets and squares. The surface finish of the stone can be the same in all situations of application or to have some variations , either for technical reasons or for reasons concerning the aesthetics of the project. The goal is consistency and harmony of exterior urban space.


In which natural stones can be manufactured UrbConcept?

The Urb Concept is manufactured preferably in the following types of granite from Granital:
- Silver White
- Favaco
- Amarelo Vimieiro
- Cinzento Sta. Eulália
- Isidora
- Preto F
- Rosa Coral
- Rosa Sta. Eulália
Occasionally, upon request, other natural stones, including marble, may be used.


In which finishes can be produced UrbConcept?

Urb Concept is preferably provided with a sandblasted finish. Occasionally, upon request, other finishes, including sawed, honed, bush-hammered or blasted (stainless steel grit ) may be used.


The pieces of street furniture UrbConcept can be produced in different dimensions from the ones indicated in the catalog?

For a number reasons, such as some technical issues, the equilibrium values of the aesthetic of the collection and proper management of resources is advisable to use the dimensions shown in catalog. However, in exceptional circumstances, upon request, it may be possible to change the dimensions of some of the collection’s pieces.


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